Suppose to be great for low cost travel when you get a touch of wanderlust.

Kids socks gets reduced at the end of every season, unlike adults socks. So if your shoe size is a 10 or less you’re onto a winner.

I bought a Gola (irish company) backpack last year in Elverleys (irish company). It was half price aat 15 euros and is in perfect nick after a year’s wear unlike any other brand I’ve bought. I’d highly recommend them and Elverleys normally have promotions on backpacks now.

If you add something to an online basket and then leave it there for a couple of days you might get ‘incentives’ to buy from the company.

If an item dramatically goes up in price, its probably due to be reduced quite soon after.

A friend told me that if you buy Apple products in Dixons in the Airport you can save hundreds of euro.

The premium membership of spotify lets you create your own ad-free play list; ideal for a party. And best of all a weeks trial of the premium membersip is free!