Extracts from posts in Facebook Group

January 5, 2013

There is no point in sharing most of the posts from the Savvy Irish Shopper Facebook Group, they’re normally about current offers and will be obsolete by the time you read this post but here are some timeless money-saving tips that have been posted over the last few months.

  • Got a tip today for making hallowe’en costumes on the cheap. Fabric is so expensive nowadays so instead use flat bed sheets or curtains from Penney’s or similar.
  • If anyone is looking for a good hairdresser, Miss World in Harold’s Cross (at the bridge, beside the bicycle shop) is well worth a visit. For e40 you can get highlights, a cut, wash and blow dry. Hard to beat. Katie is the stylist I go to, and she’s brilliant.
  • Popped into Ikea last Sunday and saw this cute clothes stand for €25 http://www.ikea.com/ie/en/catalog/products/20174508/ and this white plastic dish drainer for €2 http://www.ikea.com/ie/en/catalog/products/40176950/
  • Dublin Mama’s Freecycle is a facebook group where you can request or offer any item for free. http://tinyurl.com/8dj3ovj
  • http://www.cheapeats.ie/2012/10/09/lidl-and-aldis-mysterious-best-before-dates-on-fruit-and-veg/
  • Aris Ireland is a company that holds markets for second hand kid’s toys, clothes etc.  If you want a table yourself the cost is €30
  • Bring any worn Monsoon item back to a Monsoon shop and you’ll get €10 off a new item.
  • Tonic beauty salon off Sundrive Road in Crumlin offers half-price waxing every Wednesday. http://tinyurl.com/8frvefn
  • The fruit and veg shop Superfresh in the Millfield Shopping Centre, Balbriggan is said to be brilliant value.
  • Hard to get nice inexpensive tea towels so delighted to find these very nice printed ones in Penneys for only €1.50 each. http://tinyurl.com/a89xr4p

All the best

Elaine Butler


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