Tips for Saving Money

February 3, 2012

Here’s how i keep the bills down

  • Buy store cupboard items when reduced by 50% or more
  • Buy whole chickens and cut them into pieces instead of buying them separately
  • Freeze leftover fresh herbs
  • Use microfibre cloths instead of cleaning products
  • Use lemon, bicarb of soda and vinegar instead of branded cleaning products
  • Use salt and boiling water on weeds instead of chemicals
  • Dilute the dregs in a milk bottle and use on houseplants as a feed
  • Use builder bags for sand etc in lieu of weed suppressing membrane
  • Put spring onions in a glass of water to keep them fresh until used
  • Avoid processed foods
  • Remelt old wax in used candles and re-use for teacup candles
  • Avoid buying dry-clean only clothes
  • Buy veg when it’s in season
  • Buy meat when on sale and freeze
  • Borrow and trade instead of buying
  • Unplug and switch off everything when not in use. Never leave appliances in standby mode.
  • Have a free day out with the kids by visiting our many free museums
  • Before you click ‘buy’ on a classified adverts do a search for the advert’s wording in Google. Sometimes people post up items on multiple websites but forget to reduce price on all of them. You can save yourself a pretty penny by finding an advert with a cheaper price.
  • Save up Supervalu points and book breaks away through
  • Save up your Tesco Clubcard vouchers and redeem them here



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